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Thanks to for hosting the project. We use the OGRE graphics library.
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Welcome to Vega Strike

Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe.
Vega Strike is built on top of OpenGL and runs on Win/Lin/Mac platforms. Vega Strike (the game) is currently in a playable state, but both game engine and dataset are under continued development. For more details, see About VS or visit the forums and dev blog.

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  svnlog fixed Sunday, April 14, 2013, 03:49:36 
Both the script and the xml files now seem to be running properly and pointing to the new repo address. So, run into any problem send klauss or myself a PM so we can get it fixed.
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  Minor Update. Thursday, April 11, 2013, 02:15:22 
Since sourceforge updated to its new system our svnlog has been broken. The address for the old svn repo has changed. This must be updated for the log to function. As I have never toyed with it I am not sure if I did it right. Maybe it will work now maybe not..

Also, all of you who pull from the svn, if you have not relocated your repo to the new address... you might want to to stay current. Windows users, just go to relocated under the right click menu in TortoiseSVN. It will ask for the new address which you can get from the project page.
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  Forums back up, old forums disabled again Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 13:42:49 
We are still working on restoring as much of the site as possible. It's slow going but we will get there. I have updated the old donations page to use a new paypal graphic.

If anyone notices something broken, missing, or just not working for whatever reason please send me a PM on the forums or go to and send me a message so I can get it fixed.
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  Site mishap & other rants. Sunday, August 12, 2012, 03:47:50 
If you haven't noticed is currently history. Due to a major screw up by our hosting provider our primary site has been lost. We are working on restoring everything but as of now our backups are rather old (March or April old).

I do not know how long it will take to restore service to the forums, wiki, or the reviewboard so for the moment we are reopening our old forums on until we can restore the other site.

To prevent this from happening again I call on all of you to donate to the project so that we can move to a more reliable hosting service. Every little penny helps. Details can be found on the donations page.

Sorry for those of you that will have to re-register :(
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  0.5.1.r1 final release Ready! Sunday, April 01, 2012, 18:02:16 
0.5.1 r1 release is out, waiting for you to download it. Some bugfixes from the beta2, especially for those Intel GPU and windows folks.

Take a look at the General announcement for more details.

Changes include:

  • Fixed: MIP loading on rectangular textures
  • Fixed: tumbling capships while docking
  • Newer planet textures
  • Better more compatible shaders for Mesa (Intel DRI mostly)
  • Issues #3487109, #2531359, #2808586, #2812869, #2879873, #2929602 fixed

This is 0.5.1 final and marks the end of the 0.5.1 milestone. From now on, new features will be developed in trunk and 0.5.1 will only receive maintenance releases (bugfixes) until 0.5.2 is ready. Happy times ;)

PS: mac guys will have to build from source for now - if any of you mac guys feels like packaging, please do contribute!

PS2: This is no april fools. Except for mac.
Posted by: klauss

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