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Thanks to for hosting the project. We use the OGRE graphics library.
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Welcome to Vega Strike

Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe.
Vega Strike is built on top of OpenGL and runs on Win/Lin/Mac platforms. Vega Strike (the game) is currently in a playable state, but both game engine and dataset are under continued development. For more details, see About VS or visit the forums and dev blog.

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  0.5.1 beta2 release Monday, January 30, 2012, 19:03:36 
0.5.1 beta2 release is out, waiting for you to download it. Lots of bugfixes, especially for those Intel GPU folks.

Take a look at the General announcement for more details.

Changes include:

  • Intel MESA DRI fixes
  • Fixed beam weapons
  • Fixed repair bot levels
  • Cargo mules - allow cargo inside fleet vessels
  • Offline Vertex de-duplication by mesh_tool
  • Fixed "-d" option, supporting alternate data dirs
  • Set correct unit for cargo on vdu manifest.
    Should be m^3 for cubic meters, not m^2.
  • navcomputer enhancements
  • python module cleanups
  • vdu panel backdrops to improve panel readability
  • shader fixes, especially for intel gpus
  • new cargo and weapon images
  • Some smaller fixes and enhancements and code cleanup
  • Lots of bugs fixed: #3211697, #3315526, #3413675, #3413685, #3434184, # 3440480, #3440493, #3441556, #3311033, #3462191, #3325181, #3191110, #3473367, #3325177, #3208662, #3325183, #3395671, #3376610, #3442608, #3306551, #3429854, #3325182, #3325698, #3199009, #3191110, #3211661, #3250877, #3353864, #3353868, #3376191, #3376207, #3373653, #3373650, #3372844, #3373595, #3373583, #3438260, #3372847, #3372846, #3372837, #3372839, #3372494, #3372591, #3372832, #2121764, #3211810, #3217829, #3286893

  • Posted by: klauss

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  Some interesting statistics Tuesday, November 08, 2011, 06:52:01 

Looking over our site stats I noticed soemthing. While it is no suprise that windows holds the highest numbers (54%), the number of windows users visiting the site with internet explorer is far far less. Maybe 15% of windows users actually surf this site with IE. The majority use Firefox or Chrome.

Also of interest, of all those windows users there is still someone using Windows 98. Really?? What? As much as I love 98, whoever you are, you really should upgrade.. And we cannot forget the iPad visitors or even the lone PS3 visitor. The average screen resolution of visitors is 1280x1024 at 25% with less than 1% still operating at less then 800x600.

To all you Mac addicts. If you are getting a new Mac this year and have nothing to do with your old one, we are in need of a Mac running any version of OSX. We can provide for shipping if need be, but beyond that it will have to be a donation (unless some well-to-do sole out there wishes to buy this project a new Mac for christmas). To the rest of us, if you have an Apple store near you, you can also help by asking if they have an older outdated machine they are willing to donate to this project, unless by chance one of the geeks that works/owns the store also happens to be a programmer.

Thats enough from me for this news outburst. Until next time!
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  Yet more new spam Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 07:26:34 
During a quick jaunt through the site I have found another avenue spammers have taken to tarnish our beloved site. Where you ask? In the blog comments it would appear... So, its time for another assault on spam.

This time though, it may just have to wait until after the move... If any of you find any other place that has been spammed let me know via forum email. I know the wiki gets spammed from time to time, just never seen it in our blog before :(
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  Making a move Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 05:22:48 
Thanks to our own www2 we will be moving the website over to its own server. Needless to say we have to setup the new site first so it may take a few weeks to get settled. Until then we will continue to keep our site running. Don't forget our domain address is which for now will point here.

The domain address will be the first change and we hope to have it direct back to here until we can get everything operational on the new server. For now just be patient. We hope everyone will enjoy the new experience much more than this cramped outdated jumble we currently call home.
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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  The death of spam Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 19:34:20 
Awhile back ace123 made a few changes to the forums that has so far been fairly effective in keeping spammers from posting on the forums. BUT, it also keeps new members from posting as well until their post can be approved by a moderator or admin. Soon this will change back to the way it was.

Starting over the next few days I will be making changes to the forum code to try and keep all spambots from even being able to register. Last night I deleted over 2,000 spam accounts and another 55 that popped up between then and now. The first step to spam eradication will happen today, once I finish updating my copy of the entire vegastrike site.

By the end of the week we should see no more users named "Unistawilia" or "allcottalmond". Maybe we will get lucky and these changes will be 100% effective. Here's to wishful thinking, may it come true.
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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