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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Shapers
Known Major Variants: None
Tenure of Service:
Utilization: Shapers

Role Details
Role Summary: Terraforming Vessel

Role Details: Terraforming ships in VS don't have any magical "terraforming beams".

They're construction, management, and processing vessels They manage large numbers of specialized parasite craft and one-way landers. Many such craft will be deployed at once to a given planet undergoing terraforming, and that terraforming process is very timeconsuming.

Depending on the initial state of the planet they're working on, they may be overseeing the steering of comets or other objects toward planetary impact by parasite tugs. At later stages, they'll play crucial roles, especially for the Shapers, in seeding the planet with a blanket of extremophile bacteria and other microorganisms. These same ships then often play key roles in wiping out these new populations when their task is through to ensure that the next batch of microorganisms finds suitable purchase.

However, once the planet is outpost-colonizeable (if not actually surface-habitable) most of the terraforming craft will be restocked and redeployed, with only one or two such craft remaining to continue to orchestrate the continued terraforming process while colonization begins.

Combat Behavior:


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