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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) 28000 metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Merchants (Interstellar Shipping and Mercantile Guild)
Known Major Variants: None
Tenure of Service: Venerable
Utilization: Confederation Joint Fleet, Merchants, LIHW, Purists, Unadorned, Mechanists, High-Born, Shapers, Pirates, Luddites

Role Details
Role Summary: Logistical Support Rapid Resupply vessel

Role Details: The Mule class is the cargo vessel of choice for anything that does not require the immense load of an Ox class. Mule class vessels are the preferred mode of military supply transport, if only because their abundance makes them easier to replace when they meet unfortunate ends.

Combat Behavior:

Comments: The most ubiquitous cargo hauler in human space, Mule class vessels are prized for both their dependability, and, because of their number and smallish size, their ease of replacement.

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