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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Forsaken
Known Major Variants: Cargo, Shuttle-Carrier.
Tenure of Service: Venerable
Utilization: Forsaken, Pirates

Role Details
Role Summary: Segmented Transport/Shuttle-Carrier multitasker.

Role Details: Carries Scarab class parasite-shuttles. Each segment of the Catfish can be configured independently as either a cargo only, or shuttle support module. Cargo variants of the Catfish tend to carry almost exclusively cargo variant Scarab shuttles, while Carrier variant Catfish craft have been known to carry all sort and manner of mix of cargo and attack variant Scarabs.

Combat Behavior: No Catfish variants are very well armed. The key difference between the cargo and carrier variants is whether the escorts are distinct, or docked.


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