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Thanks to for hosting the project. We use the OGRE graphics library.
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Welcome to Vega Strike

Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe.
Vega Strike is built on top of OpenGL and runs on Win/Lin/Mac platforms. Vega Strike (the game) is currently in a playable state, but both game engine and dataset are under continued development. For more details, see About VS or visit the forums and dev blog.

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  Minor Update. 11 April, 2013 
Since sourceforge updated to its new system our svnlog has been broken. The address for the old svn repo has changed. This must be updated for the log to function. As I have never toyed with it I am not sure if I did it right. Maybe it will work now maybe not..

Also, all of you who pull from the svn, if you have not relocated your repo to the new address... you might want to to stay current. Windows users, just go to relocated under the right click menu in TortoiseSVN. It will ask for the new address which you can get from the project page.
Posted by: pheonixstorm

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