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Tools of the Trade

Recently I put a call out on sourceforge.net for help building the new toolsets for Vega Strike. I must say I did not expect to find so much interest, especially in such a tiny barely known project that lacked.. well, everything. So far I have at least 4 (yes FOUR) people who are either looking over the vegastrike data or actively working on new tools.

What are we looking at you ask? Well, if you haven’t seen it yet I have a demo of A tool over at the tools project http://sourceforge.net/projects/ppueditor Yes i know… the name of the link does not reflect its current status. I originally started the project as a means to edit the files for Privateer but later decided that the tools would be server the community as a whole.

Go download the demo (windows) and its update. Linux users, the current svn revision is bugged and wont compile. I am trying to correct this by finishing the autoupdate code. Qt is being tricky about its networking calls… Enjoy the tools and make sure to visit the forums and post your comments!