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0.5.0 Looks a little closer!

After SIGGRAPH in San Diego this year, I probably spent 2 of my most productive Vega Strike hacking days in a long time with jacks.

We started simple, fixing bugs like the idling star streaks and the presence of spec interdictors on the bases, but then we got ambitious. Radar has gotten a long overdue overhaul so now a unit appears in at most one radar rather than both front and back, which makes it much easier to tell where the different starships are.  The problem where mission craft appear right in front of your nose is now gone, because we forced a minimum spawning distance. We made sure units would not cluster around the sun in generated systems and we improved the planet layouts in those systems so that the spec wells are not too harsh.

Our most noticable change has been the massive python mission reorganization causing all missions to look to a central area for naming conventions. Now missions should be much easier to complete since they will give both a flightgroup and a number in addition to the ship class for the ship needed to meet. Additionally they will enable you to cycle through friendly mission craft with a new key to make it easier to find far-off targets.

As icing on the cake we completely revisited the ASAP autopilot system. Instead of turning you onto a collision course to the object, the new system plots a nearly optimal path through the spec gravity wells to minimize your travel time to a far off target. Until your spec value is at least 100, you will be launch perpendicular to your origin planet, then you will slowly orbit around that planet until the object is straight ahead….at which point you will zip directly to your destination. When you reach the destination, autopilot will release control and put you at your cruising velocity–meaning you can set your velocity to 0, grab a quick snack…and when you’re back, you will be there— if of course– the pirates haven’t gotten to you first. Hopefully this improves the enjoyability of cruising around space. We’re still considering potentially allowing you to change targets while in ASAP but have it continue to its original course, instead of allowing you to redirect midstream. User input is certainly welcome!

Anyhow I have a feeling the 0.5.0 release is closer than ever before–and if we get time, we may have a few more surprises up our sleeve for that gem….

2 Responses to “0.5.0 Looks a little closer!”

  1. Halleck Says:

    Fantastic! The new autopilot is now the best way to get around in Vega Strike by leaps and bounds.

    Hopefully we can stay on target and release before the month is over.

  2. safemode Says:

    It would be nice to freeze the data4.x dir by creating a data5.x dir and only allow bugfixes from now until release. We should have a little bit of test time with the new units and functionality prior to a release.

    New units and features and big changes can continue in data4.x until the release.. then we merge everything to data5.x and move on.

    Since we have no real roadmap for the 0.5.0 release, making sure we dont have bugs with the code as it is now should suffice.

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