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A cascade of artwork

I’ve been spending the past few days clearing out the blacklog of artwork in the production pipeline. I am now happy to report that I’ve added seven new models from Oblivion and Fendorin to the subversion repository with a few more still to come.

I’ll let the artwork speak for itself.

Oblivion's Vendetta Oblivion's Skate (Dodo replacement) with destroyable cargo subunit :)

Oblivion's SeaxBane (nee Daphne) Oblivion's SeaxBane (nee Daphne)

Fendorin's Diligence Fendorin's Tridacna

Fendorin's Pirate Asteroid Base Fendorin's Pirate Asteroid Base with glowmap by me ;)

Fendorin's Aeran Medical Base (and more?)

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  1. Word Says:

    They all look great, good job :)

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