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Archive for July, 2008

August, or things like it

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

While August may be synonymous with “vacation” in many parts of the world, in my particular academic discipline, August is currently one of a number of months synonymous with “conference submission deadlines” (my field of computer architecture being one in which conferences, rather than journals, are the primary paper targets).

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been (mostly) incommunicado for the last few weeks, and I’ll continue to be out for at least the next couple of weeks (until after the HPCA deadline). However, if anyone does need to reach me, I’m still checking my VS-related e-mail, just not keeping up on forums at the moment.

Graduate school has been particularly demanding of my time in 2008 (thesis proposal and related prep taking up much of the first quarter of the year, and then much of the next several months trying to make up time lost working on the proposal rather than paper-oriented research :-P), but, with any luck, I’ll both have some new publications to show for it in the not too horribly distant future, and some breathing room in which to commit larger time blocks to VS. With luck or without, there are no deadlines in September, so I’ll at least be much more involved than in August :).

For those of you who get to take some time off - enjoy yourselves :)

For those of you poor fellows who’reĀ  slaving away at conference deadlines - if you hurry, you can still make ASPLOS instead of HPCA ;-).